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Hi everyone and welcome to Uptempo Music Lessons. My name is Ed and I teach guitar, bass, vocal and ukulele lessons. I have been teaching for over 25 years, and I teach many styles such as rock, jazz, blues, and country for ages 8 and up, and all levels of students from beginner to advanced are welcome here.

My lessons are customized as every student has different reasons for wanting to take a lesson. Some people want to learn how to play their favorite songs, or learn how to improvise, maybe understand how music theory works, or perhaps understand music notation. Others might need help preparing for their entrance exams for college and university programs. I can help you prepare a plan that meets your needs.

I have a system of teaching that breaks down the information for each student, and I help the students learn and remember this information easier. My rates are very competitive, and I offer several price points with flexible hours.

If you are interested in seeing my teaching style, please have a look around the site. There are many free lessons including video, tablature, and notation to get you started.

To book a lesson, please click on the book now button or contact me using the contact information at the bottom of this page. Thanks for checking out my site and hope to talk to you soon!


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Phone 604-910-0604